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Helping the leaders of successful online businesses protect everything.

Responsible for keeping track of company’s financial plan. Analyzing the company’s performance, alongside changes and market trends, not only helps the analyst create forecasts, but also allows them to calculate variances between those forecasts and actuals. It is my job to track down and explain the causes of these variances. 

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences will absolutely be an asset to your business.

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Audit & Assurance Services for Industries

Companies across industries are bombarded by business disruptors—from evolving regulations to a complex economic environment to new technologies—that often make it harder to do business. Shim Shimaz’s range of audit and assurance services, combined with a comprehensive industry-focused approach, can help navigate these challenges.

Consulting Services for Industries

We collaborate with our industry clients on today’s most pressing, multi-dimensional challenges while uncovering new opportunities for tomorrow by translating deep industry experience into actionable insights and delivering results through innovative capabilities. We’re business integrators who meld strategy, analysis, operations, and technology.

Tax Services by Industry

Our Tax LLP practitioners have extensive experience in a wide array of industries and understand the tax implications of specific sector trends, including the exposure you may face and the opportunities available to reduce your tax burden. Learn more about the many tax services we offer and how our in-depth industry experience can benefit your organization both in the United States and abroad.